16th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
1-3 March 2023

Changing Seasons,
Changing Lives

Raphael Poole

General Manager
Carey Training Pty Ltd

Raphael is a strong advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community engagement, developing new horizons for Indigenous people by providing Training Pathways. She engages with State and Federal Governments, and at executive level with clients, to campaign for better environmental and social governance.

Raphael has extensive experience in the Australian Vocational Education and Training sector, leading her team with a strategic business development focus aligned with the vision and values of the Carey Group.

Raphael firmly believes that Business Excellence is not only demonstrated through financial viability, but also through values, beliefs, and ethical practice. She is dedicated to fostering generational change within Aboriginal families and to closing the social inequity gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.