16th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
1-3 March 2023

Changing Seasons,
Changing Lives

Restorative Justice – How Victims of Crime and Unrelated Offenders Can Help Heal One Another…. My Lived Experience


In 2008 in WA my family experienced a double homicide. The offender was an immediate family member who was convicted of two counts of wilful murder. As a young family not only did we have to learn to live a life post homicides, but we also had to navigate our criminal justice system, which took four years, and try and grieve our loss, then heal.

I have spent the past 14 years (all volunteer) sharing my journey, working with other homicide families, bringing the 2015 WS Victimology International Symposium to WA, advocating for victims of crime, facilitating a restorative justice program in a prison and working with child sex offenders in community based treatment program specific to WA.

In this presentation I will share my extremely unique lived experience, what we have overcome and most importantly what I’ve learnt.


Post-conviction I shared our lived experience of homicide with the organisations we had to deal with throughout our journey, with the view that they could hear what we had been through, learn from our experiences, and improve how they supported those that came after us

I’ve presented to WA Police several times, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, WA Parole Board, WA Attorney General, Education Department, Leadership WA and others.

Take Home Message

The presentation will outline how restorative justice, the sharing of lived experience between victims and offenders, can help our communities heal after crime, an approach that is not punitive.


Nicole Haberley
, Child Sex Abuse working party/interest group

Nicole was the co-founder/facilitator of Reach for Life WA, a restorative justice program involving victims of crime and unrelated offenders in one of WA Men’s Prisons. Nicole is the former CEO of Angelhands Inc, an organisation working with secondary victims of homicide.

Currently Nicole is a member of the Child Sex Abuse working party/interest group which has facilitated five specialist symposiums in WA looking at best practice to keep kids safe. She is also the co-facilitator of the Community Based Treatment Program for men who offend sexually against children and a member of the Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice