16th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
1-3 March 2023

Changing Seasons,
Changing Lives

Reintegration in the Pilbara: The Remote Lived Experience

This panel discussion will showcase the work of Pilbara Community Services Limited (PCSL), who provide reintegration, rehabilitation, transitional housing and transport services to communities across the Pilbara region. With vast distances between towns and the remoteness and isolation of many communities, efficient service delivery is a challenge in the Pilbara region. PCSL’s service offering in this region is therefore unique and includes working directly within the prison and collaborating daily with prison staff and management.
PCSL recently won the Pilbara Community Service Excellence Awards “People’s Choice” award, as voted by the public in recognition for the outstanding work that they do in the region.
Panel members include both male and female ex-offenders who have experienced life in prison and successfully reintegrated back into their Pilbara communities. This panel discussion will overview the challenges that they faced whilst incarcerated and the impact that this had on them personally, on their families and their wider community. With many struggling to break the cycle of recidivism, effective case management of their individual needs throughout their sentence and upon release has provided interventions and opportunities for them to achieve positive and sustainable changes.
The panel discussion will explore the complex issues that ex-offenders faced when transitioning back into their community, the ongoing post support that was provided for them and their families, and the positive strategies that they have put in place to reintegrate successfully back into their communities.


Kanchi Thenuwara
, Pilbara Community Services Ltd

Kanchi is the CEO of PCSL and has over eighteen years’ experience in the operational management of the delivery of community services. Her career in Reintegration services began in the Pilbara region in 2004 and She has been managing Reintegration Services and Transport Options Programs for the Department of Corrective Services since then. Therefore, Kanchi has extensive experience in the provision of Reintegration services and has in-depth knowledge of the communities across the Pilbara region and their associated needs. She is passionate about offering offenders integrated services that are specific to their unique needs, and she understands that the service delivery system needs to ensure that the right individual receives the right service at the right time, which aligns with the PCSL’s strategic focus.

Tracy Flynn-Edward
Business Manager
, Pilbara Community Services Ltd

Tracy’s passion for community work led her to take up the role of Business Manager for PCSL in 2014. She is passionate about providing Reintegration services and facilitating relationships between individuals, families and communities. As the Business Manager, Tracy oversees the delivery of the current Reintegration services that the PCSL team deliver and she is also focused on growing the company to meet the community’s needs for effective Reintegration services throughout the Pilbara region. Tracy is also a qualified mental health first aider who has the knowledge and skills for providing support to people experiencing depressive, anxiety, psychotic, substance use, disorders and associated crises.