16th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
1-3 March 2023

Changing Seasons,
Changing Lives

A Systematic Literature Review of Queer Youth’s Transitional Needs

This systematic literature review explores the reintegration needs, challenges, and barriers experienced by young queer people upon exiting the justice system. The review draws on a comprehensive search of academic literature, including databases such as ProQuest, PubMed, and Scopus, to identify relevant articles published between 2010 and 2022. The review found that young queer people face significant challenges during their reintegration journey. These challenges include social stigma, discrimination, and limited access to resources and support services. Many young queer people also experience mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, which can further complicate their reintegration process. The review also identified several key factors that contribute to successful reintegration among young queer people. These factors include supportive social networks, access to stable housing, employment, and education opportunities, and tailored support services that address the unique needs of young queer people. Despite these challenges and barriers, the review found that young queer people are resilient and resourceful in navigating their reintegration journey. They often draw on their personal strengths and support networks to overcome the obstacles they face. The findings of this review have important implications for policy and practice. The review highlights the need for more inclusive and targeted support services for young queer people exiting the justice system. These services should address the specific needs and challenges faced by young queer people and provide them with the necessary resources to successfully reintegrate into the community. The review also underscores the importance of addressing social stigma and discrimination in order to create a more supportive and inclusive environment for young queer people.


Dwayne Antojado
Criminology and Justice Studies
, RMIT University

Dwayne Antojado is a researcher in criminology and justice studies and the Associate Director of ‘Beyond the Stone Walls Advisory Collective,’ a research and advocacy initiative established in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked with multiple specialist reintegration organisations in Victoria including Jesuit Social Services, Vacro and ACSO. Dwayne has lived experience of the criminal justice system and has openly talked about his experience in prison on podcasts, television and community radio stations. He has recently been appointed as a contributing editor of ‘Paper Chained’ magazine, a journal of expression from behind bars. His research interests include LGBTQI+ experiences in the CJS, lived experience criminology, and prison radio.